New RAM Arrived

I ordered a couple of things in the UK some days ago. Apart from a few other things, I also had ordered new memory because I needed an upgrade here. I never ordered something from the UK, which means this was my first time and it was cool to find my name on the package with the title “Mister”. I am totally happy with the RAM upgrade but as I expected, there seems to be something wrong with the RAM slots on my mainboard. I believe that the CPU cooler is too tight on the board, and that’s why some slots make trouble. But I also was worried that there could be dust in the slots, which is why I used the vacuum cleaner. But even then there was trouble but then I pressed the mainboard a bit down where the slots are, and it somehow fixed the issue and my two old RAM sticks started to work together with the two new ones.

I am pretty sure the issue might pop up again if I move my PC case or if I change something in the case. But for now it’s working. I am pretty sure one RAM channel is broken, maybe the contacts don’t work due to the fact that the CPU cooler is too tight on the board. But I can’t change that, because it would be difficult to remove this particular cooler. I purchased two 8 GB sticks to get to 16 GB, and now that the problematic channel somehow works again, I am 24 GB since I already had two 4 GB sticks in the system. I actually was prepared to remove my old 8 GB, that’s why I purchased 16 GB, because that’s the amount I wanted to achieve. So, I basically planned to just use one channel instead of two, because of the mentioned issue. But now that it somehow works, I am happy with the 24 GB. But in case the issue pops up again, maybe when I move my PC or if I change something in the system and the board gets bend again, then I will definitely remove the two old 4GB sticks. Since they work perfectly, and since the issue is just on my board, I could still sell them on Ebay in that case.

The new RAM came with the opportunity to take new product photos, because I like to try out that type of photography as well.

2 thoughts on “New RAM Arrived

    1. It’s working right now. 24 GB is a bit overkill, but if one channel on the board continues to make trouble, I will be at 16 GB at some point because then I would plug out my old 8 GB kit. But 16 GB is the the amount of memory I need. So, it would not be a problem then because of the two new big RAM sticks.

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