I Need Your Opinion About My Living Room Interior Design Ideas

How time flies! In November 2017 I painted my whole apartment freshly because one year earlier I stopped smoking and realized it would be the best time to get fresh and white walls. I never started smoking again, yellow walls in my working room are a thing of the past. The walls are still white as if I would have painted them yesterday, I am more healthy and my cat as well. But there is one thing that annoys me a lot. You can renovate your apartment as much as you like, but if you don’t change anything with the interior, you rooms probably still suck. I was working on a lot of dreams recently, like getting several new guitars in just one year, I can’t always just fulfill my hobby related dreams, because that’s exactly how my apartment will continue to suck.

I am especially interested to do something for my living room, partly because I want a new look and some new furniture pieces, and also because I want to optimize how the space is used. So, at the moment I might be ready to spend some bucks on new interior. So, I started planning a few things in 3d to experiment with some interior room design ideas. Doing this virtually is a great help, because the whole room layout of my living room is kinda strange. I basically can just use three walls because I have some kind of a glass porch that I don’t use optimally either, and a wall that is blocked by a heater. Let’s take a look at the room layout first…

Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout

How My Living Room Looks Like Today

Before I show you how my living room looks today, it must be mentioned that all used 3d items where chosen by the equal size compared to my furniture pieces, so that I can work with exact metrics. The color of the 3d items, and the way how they look, they’re not 100% accurate replication of my real furniture. It’s mainly about the size, to get an idea, and I tried to find very similar 3d objects from a library. So, you can say it’s about right but not the same. Here is about how my interior is placed today…

Let’s be honest, you can live on that way. That however doesn’t mean that it’s great or without problems. It just means “Hey, I am male, I am entitled to put everything on the walls and be done”. But as said, I want to get rid of that perspective and I actually want to start designing something. So, I started to create a list in my mind of the things I don’t like about the current way how things are placed. First of all, my red curtains look great, but they look a bit overwhelming in the room. Back then I placed them because I didn’t want that people can look into my living room because the windows start at the floor. So, “cutting out” the “winter garden” with curtains was the cheapest option, and the easiest montage with just two brackets and a pole. But then again, while it’s practical, it’s making the room smaller and I don’t like that.

Next big thing is, I have the couch on the wall but the table in front of the TV. I tested it the other way around but it looked pretty strange because the middle of the room was too empty without the table. And obviously I can’t just move my couch forward to the middle, that would be strange. And apart from that, it was never a problem because as a single I enjoyed the benefit of eating my dishes directly at the desk while checking emails or what not, that’s the bachelor type of lifestyle (laugh). Next problem is that my guitars are near the heater, and that is not good for the guitar wood. You can’t see that in 3d, but corner where the heater is, that’s where I have them. Now it’s not a problem because I don’t use the heater since it’s still not cold, but it’ll be very soon and then I have to move my guitars. Last problem I see is that my living room currently looks pretty tubular, because as said, everything is just put to the walls and I barely make use of decor that I could buy, like nice rugs and what not. So, the briefing is, you can live with it if you don’t care, but if you start to do, you realize it just sucks.

Also there are basically three things I’d like to achieve. Having a desk/office area where I work on the PC, having a TV area where I watch YouTube or Netflix, and having an area with a flat bar stool where I can play guitar and record my songs for YouTube (recording area with tripod and so).

My Favorite Interior Design Idea

So, as said, I started to work on some ideas and no matter what I did, it still made this tubular impression. Because the first ideas I had was just to move different items like the desk or the TV sideboard to the opposite walls and stuff like that. And apart from that, in every case I could just achieve two of the three previously mentioned requirements. But then I found the Söderhamn modular couch on the Ikea website and I pretty much liked the one seater module without backseat. As someone who spends more time on the PC than on the couch to watch TV, I am totally fine with the idea of not having a backseat but a simple and minimalist and flat one seater.

This thing gave me one idea. If I would purchase it, I wouldn’t be forced to place it directly at the wall. It’s a module piece, and getting two of them makes a couch, especially because they deliver the tools needed to screw both modular pieces together. I could basically place them directly in the room or wherever. So, I started to experiment with this idea. Generally, I wondered why does furniture always have to be placed near the walls? Couldn’t you finally get creative if you get rid of this tradition? That’s what I asked myself. And here is what I came up with, you can click on the images to see it better…

By the way, the white modular seaters are real, the software I used has many furniture pieces of popular brands in the library, including Ikea stuff. The room divider is Ikea as well. Parts of the PC desk as well, except that I want the table in walnut color. I couldn’t find the rugs, but it would probably be an easy job to find similar rugs. The picture would be a different one if I would do it, it’s just there in 3d to give me an idea. But now let me explain what I thought about when I put the interior that way in 3d.

The main idea is to open the red curtain, forever. Instead I was thinking about attaching a panel curtain system to the ceiling near the window. I would then have privacy shield directly at the windows, and apart from that it would literally open the room. The room would look a lot bigger, which makes sense. I did already explain the idea with the two module seats, they would go “into” the room and they wouldn’t be placed at the wall at full length. At the same time by moving my TV cabinet to that small wall near the door, I’d open a lot of possibilities in the rear of the room. Placing the PC desk near the opposite wall compared to the situation now, I would finally start to make use of area with the heater. Not only that, it would also partly hide the ugly heater.

I also would save heating costs because I would not need to increase it when it’s too cold since I sit directly beside it. On the other side I am not sure if that is good, because I don’t like warm air that much. Anyway, in that situation I would now have a lot of empty room in the opposite direction where I could place my tiny YouTube guitar recording studio. I placed a rug there but it still looked too empty, which is why I experimented with the room divider that can be purchased at Ikea too. At the time I placed it there in 3d, it just looked right to me together with the rug and the bar stool. All my guitars could be placed near the door. The winter garden is where I could additionally place something for my cat Shyna, like a medium sizes scratching post or so. Because I wouldn’t always have the panel curtain system closed, I would make it so that she can sometimes watch out of the window, that’s always what she liked.

By the way, what I like about panels is that you can basically purchase a system with 3 rows, which means you could attach 3 panel curtains in different colors, having one half transparent and another one as privacy shield or dimming. You get my point, you can use it to work with the day light, for dimming and to get privacy. On top of that, the panel cars have hook and loop fasteners, which means curtains can be changed in no time if you think you want to try different designs. Panel curtain systems is something I discovered weeks ago, and it just looks awesome. Apart from that it’s extremely flexible and looks so modern.

But now the big question about the room idea. I solve a lot of problems with it, like having my three areas. Apart from that the tubular impression of my rectangle room goes away in my opinion, mainly because I make use of the space in the middle (The couch and TV area goes more into the room). When I showed this to my mother, she said “It looks modern and great but I’d be concerned that I don’t have a backseat, you might regret that at some point”. But I told her that if I don’t do this, I am again forced to put the couch on the wall and having a lot less space but way too much in the middle of the room. My mother also said that white will be dirty quickly but I could just use blankets over it that I would from time to time interchange or putting them in the washer. What I like about Ikea stuff too is that they even thought about that, you can remove the seater covers and wash them, and you can even purchase replacement covers or covers in different colors.

When I showed my grandpa the room idea, she was right away concerned about the two seats as well. But not only this, she also didn’t like the fact how it is places. She said, a couch is always near the wall, but I replied that this is the exact problem why you can’t come up with new ideas, especially if you really just can make use of three walls. I understand the point about the backseat, but I don’t have an issue to try something new. I also wondered if I try that idea with the element that has a backseat, but I assume it wouldn’t look that great, it would then really force me to put it on the wall. And then I have the problem again, I can’t achieve the 3 requirements I mentioned previously, because a two-seater takes about 2 meters of space, that’s a lot.

My cousin said it would look great, but she doesn’t understand why there is a room divider. She continued and said that this would usually be places in a sleeping room as “dressing cabin” but I explained that it’s more about having less empty wall with my idea. It’s not that I turn a deaf ear to their points of criticism. I actually asked them because I personally believe that females make great points when it’s about interior or anything design related. At the same time it makes me uncertain if the idea is really bad. I thought “Hey, why not getting some more opinions, for example on my blog?”. And here is where it’s your turn! 🙂 What do you think? Imagine you would go into this room, what would you think about it? Should I skip this idea? If so, why? Do you think it’s actually pretty good? I’d like to get some more feedback, because as said, I am still very uncertain.

Other Ideas That Where Quite Boring

Finally I have some more screenshots of the ideas that in my opinion didn’t work well as I previously mentioned. All what I did was moving furniture pieces to the other walls, and I realized is looks as boring as it is currently in my room. Here they are…

PC near the door

Like today but with couch distance to wall

Final Words

As you can see, I tried all kind of combinations but even if it was fun, to me all those ideas don’t work except the one I showed you already…

I’d like to hear your opinions as said. I thought this would make an interesting blog post. And apart from that I do really wonder if I can gather new ideas from the comments. Do you think my favorite idea is the best? Or do you think too that there are quite some problems with it?

Oh and before I forget that! If you want to do the same, then grab a folding ruler and measure your room. And then open the RoomStyler website! I know how to work with professional 3d tools like Maxon Cinema 4d or Autodesk 3ds Max, but why all the work if there is a website where you can design your room in easy steps online? They even have a rather large library of furniture, of pretty well known brands! With that said, you don’t need to me 3d expert, it’s pretty easy to use and fun. And it’s free to use! So, if you want to create an interior design as well, take a look at this site. I thought I mention this too, because not only did it help me to experiment with my room and that a lot more quickly compared to professional 3d tools, I also thought you might find that interesting as well.


14 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion About My Living Room Interior Design Ideas

      1. I am back, today was one of my Op Shop days. On the whole, I like your idea. Opening up the curtains is the biggest improvement in my opinion. Not only do you allow more natural light into the room but you gain useful space. Shyna will love a cat tree and being able to look out the window.
        I don’t think that couches necessarily have to be against a wall. The one you have is a bit long to do anything else with but if you plan to get some like you have shown here they look fine where you have placed them. I think that even if you bought a couch with a back it would still be OK to do that. In a way, the couch acts as a room divider between lounge space and workspace. Rooms with furniture all placed against walls can make the space look like a doctors waiting room or a bus station. Not homely and wasting a lot of space in the middle of the room.
        Now as to the chairs themselves. Yes, white shows up the dirt but as you have said you can have a spare set of covers or use a throw rug over them. You may want to do that to protect them from Shyna’ if she likes to claw fabric. I don’t see that as a big problem. That type of seating is difficult for someone who is older or infirm to get out of because it is very low to the ground. As someone who has to push against the arms of a chair to get out of it, I know that. If you don’t entertain at home very much it probably would not be an issue. I don’t know if your mother suffers from these problems. Hopefully, she doesn’t. By the time you do yourself, you will need new furniture anyway. If you have space a tub chair that could sit in a corner when not in use might be nice for guests.
        Your guitars would look neat lined up against the wall and away from the heater. As you are there alone most of the time you would not have to worry about someone knocking them when entering or exiting the room.
        I think that with a new rug and some art on the walls you would have a very attractive room. Luckily as you live alone you can arrange it to suit yourself, and Shyna of course. It might not suit everyone but it suits you. Had you ever thought of getting some of your favourite photos printed and framed? They would look great on the walls and you could change them from time to time if you wished.

        1. Hi,

          Yes, I find it funny how small changes make a huge different. When I let air into the living room, I have the curtains opened and saw how much more open the living room appears The only real issue was how to protect my privacy during the day… that’s when I got the idea with these modern panel curtain systems. I agree with you, this would be the biggest improvement and probably also the first thing I will do. What I like about these panels too is that I can move them… I can let light in on one half or air through, and make another half privacy shielded or the other way around. So, depending where I sit, I could move my visual cover. And since I would buy the panel with 3 rows, I could even attach half-transparent ones in the second or third row. I love how I could vary with colors and purpose, like moving white ones in the middle, red ones to the outside, and another day the other way around. Totally flexible with 3 rows. 🙂

          No my mother doesn’t suffer from these problems but I think both my mother and my grandma value TV evenings a lot more than I do. I know they sit when they watch TV, but I am usually in the horizontal when I watch Netflix or YouTube, it’s usually the last act of the day to fall asleep 😀 And I sometimes also like to fall alseep in the living room. The two seats make 2 meters together and I could still take a nap on it, I don’t find a back rest as important as they do. I have a bed in my other room, but I really like to fall asleep in the living room on my couch sometimes.

          Good that you mention the tub chair, I did forget to experiment with one in 3d. Because I had the idea too… even if I would like to use a back rest once during the day, I could buy a tub chair for that purpose as you said. I will try that out in 3d if there is still space somehow. It doesn’t have to be a big one, I saw Ikea has some really minimalist ones with a back that don’t take much space, also some that would really fit to the two seats.

          I have some very sturdy guitar stands that I would put near the door, like I have them now near the heater. I am not concerned that they could fall, I did spend a bit more to have really sturdy ones… you’d need to use force to push them over, the metal is strong and the weight from the guitar holds them sturdy:

          I always planned to print some of my own photos for the walls, but so far I didn’t because I knew I’d change the room in the near future. But when that day has come, I’d definitely do it. I like that idea, it’s even more individualism then.

          At the moment it’s all just playing with ideas, but I know myself… ideas can become reallity months later. The panel system definitely will be done, a new minimalist Ikea desk as well. After that maybe the seats and the decor or accessoires. But I come really close to thinking “Yeah, that’s it, that’s how I want it”.

          Thanks for your feedback Vanda 🙂

        2. You are welcome Dennis. In the end it is your space and you should make it comfortable for you regardless of what others think but it is fun to bounce your ideas off people. I am a serial furniture rearranger and have moved my living room furniture to every conceivable position in 16 years here. A computer program probably would have been easier :-). If you get sun through that window in winter it may help with those winter blues we get from not enough daylight.

        3. I was curious about what you said with “I think that even if you bought a couch with a back it would still be OK to do that” and since my favorite Ikea couch is that modular, I now added this idea in 3d to take a look. And I think you are right, it works too…

          Althought, the compromise would be to have both, one seat with back and one seat without. Looks less obtrusive that way…

          Damn, I already love this interior design tool… so much fun to play with this tool 🙂

        4. That’s true that it is at the end about how we want it. But I like the idea of getting feedback, because I am one of the guys that tinkers so much on a single idea until I absolutely can’t judge it anymore. But for that I also got the tip in the past to take a break and don’t look at the plan anymore and come back weeks later to see it again… then it’s easier again to judge and I think that’s what I will do. 🙂

          True, letting light in probably helps a lot. My living room is pretty dark imo, that’s definitely not good for the mood.

  1. Nice. And the best part is, you can move things around to different configurations as you need them. It’s clean, it’s uncluttered, it’s perfect. How about one of those cat trees by the window, so Shyna can choose her viewing height? If we had a different kind of house, we’d have at least two, one up and one downstairs.

    and good for you, giving up smoking. Not an easy thing to do, Im proud of you.

    1. Yes, she would definitely get a medium sized cat tree there. But not one that goes up to the ceiling because I would be concerned that she would jump to the tilted window if I air thoroughly.

  2. You’re already winning with the curtains opening up… Looks great. Maybe an up light in the corner near the computer. If it were me I’d take out the white couch, get a huge deep pile rug, get some cushions and go ‘Japanese’! Would open the place up even more

    1. Yes, opening the curtains was the biggest change. It’s amazing how small changed make a completely different impression. Nice idea, I like Japanese style. I always got the impression they’re very minimalist and I like that style.

  3. Hello Dennis, what if we put the desk face the window? That area will be your work zone, you have a view and you’ll have larger space for living at your back. I cant help my self for not sketching your floor plan now 😀

    1. Hi there 🙂 I was actually thinking about that too. But it would probably force me to have the panel curtains always closed. There is a structure on the other side with a staircase made of glass and people walk there and it would feel less private to me. It’s not as bad in the room, but the window area is very visible from the outside, I checked this in the past. Also I measured the window height and it seems with a PC screen there I would have trouble to open the window in the middle.

      Yes, the sketching is pretty fun. I stopped this for now but will continue to work out different ideas. Because next year I will definitely make the big change to this room 🙂 Didn’t expect that sketching indoor designs would be that much fun!

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