Flag of Sweden

As mentioned previously, I also take photos of flags sometimes. I didn’t upload much of them yet. Here is this post is the flag of Sweden and I shot the photo near the harbor in our city. I realized it’s very easy to find different flags in the harbor area or in the garden areas (many garden owners raise their flags, maybe because they came from these places or have roots there). I am not exactly hunting for flag photos but I sometimes see them anyway and that is when I usually take a picture. It’s great if I have … Continue reading Flag of Sweden

City Cat

Saw this cat today when I walked through the historic district of Lübeck. While it might look dangerous with the parked car in the background, the cats in the historic district live a lot saver than any of the cats in the other districts. Why? Because in most streets of this district, only residents that live there are allowed drive their cars through that district. There are some streets with exceptions but overall there is a lot less traffic compared to all the other districts. Talking about the cat, I think it’s a beautiful calico cat. It was roaming around … Continue reading City Cat