Old Cat Snapshot

my cat in the living room

Ok, I thought I do upload another one of my cat. I just found this snapshot minutes ago in my photo library. I shot the photo in 2015 when my cat was lying on the ground in my living room. She did take a sunbath when I had the curtains slightly opened and a little bit of afternoon sun shined into the living room. And yeah, I know, it’s messy to have a guitar lying on the ground too, but I didn’t have a guitar stand at that time (lol). I hope you like this snapshot. But it was a cheapo guitar anyway, a Coxx SG Standard.


3 thoughts on “Old Cat Snapshot

    1. I am already blogging for so many years, that I have photos of everything lol…

      The photo was shot a couple of years ago after I removed all the dirt from the frets with a razor. Then I gave the rosewood a cleaning with water… maybe that was a bad idea, although I didn’t use a lot and I did rub it dry.

      I think the rosewood fretboard is just old, maybe that’s why it’s now getting sticky… I will give the oil you mentioned a try.

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