On top of the Cupboard

Ok, let’s do one more. You know, there aren’t enough photos of Shyna on my blog. I know, the joke gets old. But I am still interested to get them all online, but that’s quite difficult (lol), as I have so many. I have this old cupboard in my bedroom, it has a 2-meter height and my cat seems to like that. I mean, which cat doesn’t like watchtowers? There is a smaller cupboard attached, so, she jumps first on the small one and from there on top of the big one. One day I saw here at the top again and thought I take some snapshots. You see one in the original color and one that I converted to black and white.

6 thoughts on “On top of the Cupboard

        1. Yep. But it can be quite annoying. Sometimes she’s begging for attention like “Common, get away from the computer, I want to play” and then you do this, to find out that she is too lazy to play more than 2 minutes lol. Then I am like… “Uh, really? That’s why you asked me?”.

        2. Chris asks me to pick him up and put him on my lap because he is too lazy to jump. Then he annoys me by trying to put his claws on my face.

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