Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

The Daily Post came up with a nice Daily Prompt today that they call Musical Marker. If you listen and like music, it´s often that you get memories if you listen to song that you heard in a special period of your life. Today, the question is about the music that could remind us of the summer 2014 if we hear the song in the future. I love this question because I love music and listen pretty much music. Usually I would say that it´s hard to answer because I have many favorite songs in certain periods and my taste … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.

So, Germany got the fourth star, won the soccer world cup four times now. As a German I am proud of the team and I enjoyed their matches pretty much but also the whole world cup and all other teams, which is why I also was a little bit quite here on my blog. I did not only enjoy most of the world cup matches but also the summer with my family and my friends. But then I was also busy with some other things. Back to soccer, I´d say that the DFB and Bundesliga did bred a generation of … Continue reading 4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.

Happy New Year My Friends

I wish you all a Happy New Year. For 2014 I wish you all that everything stays ok and good for you. Please stay healthy, refuel your energy and start out with new power and ideas. You know what? I do still love what´s being said in the Star Wars movies… May the force be with you! 😀 Have a good party with your family and friends and enjoy the transition from 2013 to 2014. We read from each other in 2014. Best Wishes, Dennis Continue reading Happy New Year My Friends