4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.

Cat In Front Of the TV When Germany Became Soccer World Champion 2014

So, Germany got the fourth star, won the soccer world cup four times now. As a German I am proud of the team and I enjoyed their matches pretty much but also the whole world cup and all other teams, which is why I also was a little bit quite here on my blog. I did not only enjoy most of the world cup matches but also the summer with my family and my friends. But then I was also busy with some other things.

Back to soccer, I´d say that the DFB and Bundesliga did bred a generation of super star soccer players. Some older player but also the next generation of young soccer players. Not only that it looks good that we won the cup now in 2014 now, I think our soccer team has a very good future but that was visible since some time as something has grown together.

Not only that we have players that stand up immediately if they fall down and lying in the grass, we also have fast players with a will, the best goalkeeper, a nice defence and center field who work together with precise passing and the willingness to run forth but also back, and we have this very creative attackers. All in all they mention in all media channels that this team is indeed a team, because they work together and they don´t give up. It´s in my opinion very beautiful soccer. It´s fun to watch them playing soccer. I do think they deserved to win the world cup 2014 in Brazil.

I´m happy and proud of this team and all the organizer behind the German team. I also hope that the couch Joachim Löw will stay the couch longer.

But I was also surprises about Costa Rica as they fought hard and I do think nobody expected that they will go so far. I loved to watch Costa Rica playing soccer. They were a big surprise especially because I thought they would be in a hard group but they managed it and went far. But as said, I enjoyed a lot of matches of other teams as well and if I would start to analyze them all, this article here would get pretty long. From the standpoint of the sport, I enjoyed this world cup pretty much, as always.

Talking about Germany again, it´s indeed quite loud here right now because a lot of people celebrate the German world cup triumph. I can´t show you any photos since I watched all matches at home. When I was younger I would usually go outside too to have a party but this is not important to me anymore. I watched either alone, with friends or the family at someone’s home. Even if we didn´t watch soccer outside on huge screens, at home we still had fun.

8 thoughts on “4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.

    1. Yep enjoyed their teamplay too. I noticed on Twitter and other social networks that many non-germans enjoyed it too. Thanks for your opinion.

    1. They arrived in Berlin and I saw a very huge party in the TV today. Million of people near the Brandenburger Gate and the whole team on a stage with music band and so on. I believe it must be a super awesome feeling for them to be celebrated this way.

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