Germany Eliminated in FIFA World Cup

Yesterday was a very important match, Germany versus South Korea, because we needed the points to make it in this group. I don’t know why but somehow I thought the match would be at 8 PM. Shortly before that time I checked Google and realized they played already. How stupid is this? I missed the game. But more funny was that Google showed the match result right away “2 – 0”. I didn’t trust my eyes. Really, I didn’t trust my eyes. Not only did I miss the game because I thought it would be later, no, Germany lost the … Continue reading Germany Eliminated in FIFA World Cup

Little League Photo Shooting

When all your friends and family members know that you are into photography, it sometimes happens that they ask you if you can shoot photos for them. That’s basically how I often got a chance to gain experience in portrait photography as well. As with everything, you have to learn it, by just doing it. When I go through my library, I see how my portraits got better and better, although there is probably still room to improve. I don’t own an external flash yet, but I think that could improve my portraits too in the future. To get back … Continue reading Little League Photo Shooting

4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.

So, Germany got the fourth star, won the soccer world cup four times now. As a German I am proud of the team and I enjoyed their matches pretty much but also the whole world cup and all other teams, which is why I also was a little bit quite here on my blog. I did not only enjoy most of the world cup matches but also the summer with my family and my friends. But then I was also busy with some other things. Back to soccer, I´d say that the DFB and Bundesliga did bred a generation of … Continue reading 4 Stars, Germany Is World Champion Again. This World Cup Was Fun.