Germany Eliminated in FIFA World Cup

germany soccer flag

Yesterday was a very important match, Germany versus South Korea, because we needed the points to make it in this group. I don’t know why but somehow I thought the match would be at 8 PM. Shortly before that time I checked Google and realized they played already. How stupid is this? I missed the game. But more funny was that Google showed the match result right away “2 – 0”. I didn’t trust my eyes. Really, I didn’t trust my eyes. Not only did I miss the game because I thought it would be later, no, Germany lost the match.

This was so unbelievable because it’s the first time that we have been eliminated in the first round of a world cup. However, since I watched the other two games, I must say they deserved it, because they played like a village soccer team. The lost Mexico match did hurt my eyes, and getting the important goal against Sweden during added time was nothing more than luck. I watched the summary of the South Korea game, and typical German, we got a gazillion of goal-scoring chances, but we didn’t actually score. Maybe it was good that I didn’t watch the match, because I would have gotten a heart attack for sure.

2 thoughts on “Germany Eliminated in FIFA World Cup

  1. Australia is out too but as we are not a major soccer playing nation that’s no surprise really. I don’t really follow the game but most of the time it seems our side battles just to qualify.

    1. For us it is shocking, but not really a surprise either because the test games before the world cup have been horrible too. I don’t follow soccer a lot anymore either, I am just mostly interested in World Cups or European cup. Because these competitions are just once in a time, which means soccer can’t consume my whole life. Very practical 🙂

      I hope a lot of our player lose their place, because in no way did they play on a World Cup level. It’s time to swap out the whole team, giving younger people a chance, those that want to achieve something. It really did hurt to watch this mess. When you go into a World Cup as a title holder, you probably don’t feel incentive anymore to do it again. That’s at least how they played.

      Now I am rooting for Sweden. 🙂

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