Midnight Jam: Dreamy Experimental Song

Fender Standard Telecaster Neck

A couple of days ago I recorded a backing track, but I was too lazy to add a chorus. It’s just a few chords repeating over and over again. But I liked them because it sounded pretty dreamy with the delay effect I used. Then yesterday I was still awake at midnight and a bit bored, I took my Fender Telecaster and played some kind of a solo over the track. For the solo part I used a delay effect as well, and a tiny bit of the effects called “flanger” and “phaser”. I played a bit around with it and thought this would sound pretty dreamy. I now decided to record and upload this, because it sounded like a sad ambient song or pretty experimental. So, it was just noodling with the guitar, but I really like how dreamy it sounds. Here is the video…


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