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Some New Travemünde Photos

I talked already a lot about the place called Travemünde that is near Lübeck in North Germany and the Baltic Sea. Here are some new photos of this place. We are often there because it´s not far away but I didn´t have a camera with me this time, so that my mother shot the photos with her phone. But the photos really show how beautiful it is there. My mother didn´t hold the camera completely horizontal but anyway, the photos are still ok to show the place. Hope you like the photos.


    • Yep. My mother took them all. 🙂 I love this place so much. We drive there if it´s too hot in the city because this place is not far away and it is often very fresh on the Baltic Sea. And if it´s not too cold, we also go bathe. But on this day it was way too cold to go bathe. 😀

    • Yes pretty good to have the Sea near me. I need that 🙂 It´s just 30 mins by train or around 15 or 20 mins with the car if there is not much traffic.

    • Yes Vera, if you search for it, you can find amber there and we did in the past. But we don´t look for it anymore as it can be dangerous. Amber looks exactly like Phosphor. There have been many stories in the local newspaper that people got hurt because they searched for amber but found Phosphor.

      Because, instead of amber, you could also find white Phosphor. White Phosphor can be orange or yellow if it was long enough under water and it is easily inflammable and you can´t even put it out with water and it could really burn you heavily. The Phosphor pieces that you could find, are remains of the World War munition that can wash up on the coast. The chance might be not too big but the chance is there and you find stories about it every year in the local newspaper so that I dislike to take orange things from the beach into my hands. Finding Phosphor is not much more unlikely as finding amber I think, because you read it every year.

      Amber is beautiful and I heard if you collect amber you should look if it´s orange and transparent because Phosphor that was a long time under water looks similar orange but still different because it´s not slightly transparent as amber but then I think it´s still like playing with “fire” or “destiny” as long as you are no expert. The yearly stories about hurt people who thought they found amber, make some of us paranoid so that some of us are afraid to touch amber.

  1. Hi Dennis, this is a very interesting thing that I am learning from you. I had not idea that phosphorous from past European wars is still in the sea and so dangerous. I have a few pieces of amber jewelry but I am not sure that they are real. It is very easy to imitate. But I am sure that mine is not phosphorous !

    • As said, the chance is still little to find Phosphor but not unlikely if you seek amber, according to the newspapers. We just should be aware of it. You hear it around two times a year that someone got hurt by Phosphor on the baltic sea. So, chance is little and it´s not dangerous on the beach, but still you should be careful and aware what you grab, if you found something on a German beach (not sure how it is elsewhere in Europe).

      In general, talking about the wars, there are still million tons of munition in the sea so that they at times even find old German sea mines for example. The todays German Navy does search and defuse them. Also on the ground near and even in cities… they still defuse araeal bombs (blind shells). At times you can read that they find them on building sites by chance and then they call the bomb disposal team of our military to defuse them if a company found bombs. In some cases they do even evacuate villages or districts. This also happens not often but every year you can read those storiers again.

      The wars were bad, but it´s even more sad that there are still remains of the wars for the next generations of people. If super industrial powers fight against each other, they will still find munition hundreds years later. I don´t want to know how bad this is also for the nature.

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