New Humble Bundle: Humble 2K Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle with games from the developer 2K. It´s a very good deal. As always you can decide what you want to spend for the bundle and you can choose how much of the paid money will go to charity (Action Against Hunger and American Red Cross ), how much the developer will receive and how much goes to the Humble Bundle site.

For at least $1 you can get:

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Darkness 2

If you pay more than the average did (you can see the value on the Humble Bundle site), you can get:

– all games from above plus…
Bioshock 2
Mafia 2
Spec Ops: The Line
– They will add more games and if you paid the average, you will get them too

But if you pay $20, you will additionally get:

Bioshock Infinite
X-Com: Enemy Unknown

If you would want to buy all games separately, you would pay more than $209, which means this bundle is really good deal for gamers. All games in the bundle will come with Steam activation and will be added to your Steam library. Also it must be mentioned that this is a bundle with really good games. If you want to grab the bundle, head over to the Humble 2K Bundle site.

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