Shyna cleans her paws…

I took this photo after bathe my cat Shyna. She does not like that and we don´t do that often but sometimes it must be. I mean she is a house cat and anyway not dirty but now and then, a bath must be. I bathe her once in a month or two. She looks funny if she jumps out of the bath. But I dried her already before I took the photo above. I will take a photo when she looks funny, next time if I bathe her. On the photo above you just can see that she still … Continue reading Shyna cleans her paws…

Abandoned Place in Thuringia

I found one photo in the folders of my computer and it was not a good looking photo but I thought I do edit it a bit. And I do believe the result is amazing. What do you think? I edited the image with an android app called “pixlr o’matic” on my Smart Phone. It´s a small app and you can´t compare it with Photoshop. However, the results of the nifty app is sometimes suprising. It is possible to choose between differend layers, lights and frames. It is fun to play with. The photo is made in Thuringia, as the … Continue reading Abandoned Place in Thuringia

Ok I am a little bit late but now I do understand this Hype about Smartphones

I told you yesterday that I bought a Sony Xperia P Smartphone. I was immune for a long Time when it comes to the Smartphone Hype. But over the Time I simply found out what is possible with these Smartphones as Friends told and showed me a lot. Last days I couldn´t resist to get my own Smartphone and I took the Sony Xperia P which is a good Smartphone in my Opinion. However. Last few days I played a lot with my new Smartphone and tested differend Apps. Today I found Pixlr-o-matic which is something like a Photography- and … Continue reading Ok I am a little bit late but now I do understand this Hype about Smartphones

I bought a Smartphone

This is really not an interesting blogpost. In fact it is just a test. I bought an android Smartphone. I bought the Sony Xperia P. I also downloaded an android WordPress app which I test in this moment. Thats why this blogpost isnt interesting. But its interesting what is possible today or? Oh this message took me many minutes! Still cant write fast with the Smartphone 🙂 Continue reading I bought a Smartphone