Deep inside the Flowerbed

There is no shortness of Supplies, when we talk about Photos of Flowers. Nature is defenetly Art! My Mom lately gone crazy about taking Pictures of Flowers with her cheap Camera and she is producing some very nice Results in my Opinion. For that kind of Camera, this Picture has somewhat Macro Photgraphy Style and it´s really a good Result what you can get out of these low priced digital Cameras. I thought this Photo here has so beatiful Colors and a nice Dept of Field Effect that I didn´t even wanted to edit the Photo with Photoshop. This is … Continue reading Deep inside the Flowerbed

A pink Flower for Birthday

This is a pink Flower on my Mothers Balcony. My Uncle came with this Present for my Mother on her Birthday. I told her that I start to upload some of my Photos to the Blog and she said that she can supply me with some beatiful Photos she made as well. This Photo here is a good start. I like the Flower with the Raindrops on the Leaves Lately my Mother is somewhat amazed by taking Photos too. It is to sad that we dont own a high quality Camera but sometimes there are also good Results with these … Continue reading A pink Flower for Birthday

A beautiful Photo of Mushrooms in Thuringia Forest and more.

We took these two Photos in a Forest anywhere in Thuringia some time ago and today I found them in one of my Folders on the Computer. It´s strange that I did not post them earlier. I especially love the Photo of the Mushrooms on the Wood. Nature can be so interesting. The Nature is defenetly an Artist. Yea it´s defenetly Art. As North Germans who live in the Federal State called Schleswig-Holstein, in a City called Lübeck near the Baltic Sea, it´s sometimes cool to travel southward. Fortunately we have Relatives there in Thuringia so that it is no … Continue reading A beautiful Photo of Mushrooms in Thuringia Forest and more.