Common Buzzard

Some days ago when I was hiking, I spotted a bird of prey far up in the air. It was flying really high, in circles, like 100 meters or 200 meters high maybe. I couldn’t see with my eyes what kind of bird it might be. Also, I know the limitations of the 300mm focal length of my Tamron lens. I know that when I take a photo in these conditions, I will need to do a heavy crop. But in the end, photography is also about curiosity. You simply want to find out what kind of bird it is, … Continue reading Common Buzzard

Rook in Black and White

Here is a photo that I thought would be bad too but when converted to black and white, it looked quite interesting. Seeing the flying rook from the side in just black and white reminds me of logos. I mean, the rook from side view would actually work well as a minimized logo element and I bet I’ve seen something similar in logos, either in logos of PC games or logos of movie or game companies. I just don’t know where I’ve seen that, but I am pretty sure I did. Also, I must say I like pictures where you … Continue reading Rook in Black and White

White-Tailed Eagle Far Above Me

Today I had a bit of luck again and I found an eagle. I started my hike at the Schellbruch Area, and then I saw the White-tailed eagle far above me that you can see in the photo of this post. I do already have a lot of experience to spot them in the heaven as I saw them many times. The big problem is that they often fly at a high altitude, but they fly or glide very slow. So, it’s easy to find out if it’s the White-tailed eagle, but it’s pretty difficult to take the photo because … Continue reading White-Tailed Eagle Far Above Me

Grumpy Herring Gull

I took this photo of a flying european herring gull, and I had to laugh a bit when I saw the photo on my PC screen, because the gull looks a bit grumpy. I like bird in flight photography but you always have to wait for a chance, that makes it difficult, and I do also wish that I could take more photos of less common birds in flight. If you liked the photo, check out my other bird photos. Continue reading Grumpy Herring Gull