Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo

Here is yet another photo that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. I am back in L├╝beck for a while, and I do already miss the morning hikes through the nature with all the birds, but it’s now more important to be close to the hospital. Talking about the photo in this post, I tried to take a picture when I saw this flying gray heron, and the result is not too bad, but sadly too blurry as I had to crop a lot. Anyway, the subject is still recognizable, which is why I like the photo anyhow. Continue reading Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo

Cormorant Flyby

In this post you can see a photo of a cormorant that flew by when I was walking near the pond in Reinfeld. I am not sure why I shot the photo at 240mm, I could have used the 300mm of my Tamron lens, but I probably had no time to make that decision. Now I had to crop the 240mm to get closer, but I believe the image is still ok. I noticed that cormorants are not the best aviators, it’s funny to watch them flying, their flight looks awkward compared to the other birds. It’s easy to spot … Continue reading Cormorant Flyby

Swan Landing

Here is a scene that I really like, I saw this swan landing in the water yesterday. However, I am sad that the white plumage is so overexposed, and I was so far away that I had to crop too much and image quality suffered a lot. But anyway, I like the scene, the landing of the swan, and the water splash. I find it still very difficult to take photos of flying birds, my results are not always good, but I will get more experience over time I think. I had the camera in program mode when the swan … Continue reading Swan Landing