Cormorant Flyby

Flying Cormorant

In this post you can see a photo of a cormorant that flew by when I was walking near the pond in Reinfeld. I am not sure why I shot the photo at 240mm, I could have used the 300mm of my Tamron lens, but I probably had no time to make that decision. Now I had to crop the 240mm to get closer, but I believe the image is still ok. I noticed that cormorants are not the best aviators, it’s funny to watch them flying, their flight looks awkward compared to the other birds. It’s easy to spot them, at least here in the nature around the pond, but I saw them also near the Trave River in Lübeck, or when I was hiking through the Schellbruch area. So, I took already a few photos of cormorants, but I have many more that I didn’t upload yet.


5 thoughts on “Cormorant Flyby

  1. You can see some detail even at that size but I see why you would have preferred the 300mm lens. They are not the most aerodynamically designed birds are they but great at fishing so they probably spend as much time on the water as in the air.

    1. Yes, I also learned something new about them last week. I had a talk with an old man at the pond,… we saw two cormorants sitting on a trunk in the water, they all had their wings spread for a long time. The old man explained that cormorants don’t have water-repellent plumage like the other birds, and they have to dry their wings when they got contact with water. I googled this, and the man was right, that’s why they spread their wings sometimes when they sit somewhere. You are right, they are not the most aerodynamically designed birds, and I assume that not completely dried wings make it even more apparent 🙂

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