Great Black Cormorant

Here is a photo that I shot yesterday on my hike through the Schellbruch Area. It’s a great black cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) also known as great cormorant, black cormorant, large cormorant and black shag. It’s quite easy to find them here in and around Lübeck close to the Baltic Sea. I found them in and around several towns and villages in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein. If there is water, there is a good chance you will find cormorants. They like to be close to the sea, or you find them at rivers or even at the ponds in the city. … Continue reading Great Black Cormorant

Cormorant Flyby

In this post you can see a photo of a cormorant that flew by when I was walking near the pond in Reinfeld. I am not sure why I shot the photo at 240mm, I could have used the 300mm of my Tamron lens, but I probably had no time to make that decision. Now I had to crop the 240mm to get closer, but I believe the image is still ok. I noticed that cormorants are not the best aviators, it’s funny to watch them flying, their flight looks awkward compared to the other birds. It’s easy to spot … Continue reading Cormorant Flyby


The photo above is my entry to the recent photo challenge. I thought I could use one of my bird photos for the theme “gathering”, although I shot the photo by the end of summer. Some photo challenges do remind me to go through the photos which I didn’t upload yet. You can see cormorants in the photo, I found them when I walked through the Schellbruch preserve area outside of our city. I really like cormorants, they are very interesting birds. Continue reading Gathering

One Cormorant

When I hike to the Schellbruch, the cormorants are the easiest to spot. To be honest, it’s easy to find other birds there too, but it’s much easier to take photos of the cormorants because they are big birds, and they sit or fly everywhere in this area. I shot the photo near the Trave River at the Schellbruch, I am not sure what this red thing is, it’s most likely a sign for the mariner or so, there are other signs and cormorants seem to enjoy resting on them. The birds do also make sounds, it’s interesting to listen … Continue reading One Cormorant