One Cormorant

One Cormorant

When I hike to the Schellbruch, the cormorants are the easiest to spot. To be honest, it’s easy to find other birds there too, but it’s much easier to take photos of the cormorants because they are big birds, and they sit or fly everywhere in this area.

I shot the photo near the Trave River at the Schellbruch, I am not sure what this red thing is, it’s most likely a sign for the mariner or so, there are other signs and cormorants seem to enjoy resting on them. The birds do also make sounds, it’s interesting to listen to them.

4 thoughts on “One Cormorant

      1. I tried this at my other post…

        I researched and nailed it down to two or three types. Now I am pretty much sure it is one of two::

        – Phalacrocorax carbo (Great cormorant)

        – Phalacrocorax aristotelis ( European shag or common shag)

        When I walk through the Schellbruch nature reserve, all cormorants look the same, I am just not sure which one of both it is. Both would fit due to the colours, and because I found them in Germany… this is the only way I can sort others out 🙂

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