Funny Cormorant

funny cormorant

Here is a quick photo upload without much backstory. I took this photo one summer during my hikes. It’s a photo of a cormorant. We have many of them in and around our city, which is why I already have a few photos of those birds on my blog, as you can see. But I also photographed other birds.

6 thoughts on “Funny Cormorant

    1. Yes, they’re ok in colder areas. The cormorants we have here actually stay during the winter. You can spot them at rivers or at the coast even in bitterly cold winters (although extreme winters are now less common here). But we still have sub-zero temperatures and they just stay. Looks like these birds must have adapted themselves to different places with different conditions. It’s interesting.

      Do you know what I find funny about them? They love getting into the water, for example, to catch fishes… but the issue is, once their wings are wet, they can’t fly well anymore. Thus, you find them sitting somewhere afterward, with stretched wings to make them dry. Looks funny and cool if they do that. I guess the ones in Florida do the same? I always wondered why they do that, then I googled it… found the reason I mentioned and thought “Man, totally makes sense”… because I actually thought previously it would be some kind of courtship display. I was wrong about that.

      1. Other birds, like ducks, have wax (I think) on their feathers so the water can’t soak in and saturate the wings. This allows them to fly away quickly but it also traps air and makes them too buoyant to swim underwater like a cormorant.

  1. Yes, all animals have carved out a little niche. Each survives in its own special way. Unfortunately, when humans cause one species to go extinct it screws up the whole ecosystem.

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