Swan Landing


Here is a scene that I really like, I saw this swan landing in the water yesterday. However, I am sad that the white plumage is so overexposed, and I was so far away that I had to crop too much and image quality suffered a lot. But anyway, I like the scene, the landing of the swan, and the water splash. I find it still very difficult to take photos of flying birds, my results are not always good, but I will get more experience over time I think. I had the camera in program mode when the swan was landing, and if I would have expected this swan, I would have set my camera manually, but now I didn’t have the time.

6 thoughts on “Swan Landing

  1. None the less, really like the movement and excitement of this.
    If they are like our local swans, then I reckon they get a great buzz out of being able to ski into land. Sometimes I think they look around to see who was watching and then wait for the accolades for their performance.

    Inflight is not easy, and even those of us with higher end gear don’t always get it right. Keep it up, enjoy the fun

    1. I almost tried rule of thirds here… the swan was aligned more to the middle but I thought if I would have the swan more to the left, you would start to see the movement because of the line of water splashes. 🙂 I got the same impression David, sometimes I think that swans love to give us a show. 🙂 I won’t give up, it’s much fun to practice and experience photography 🙂

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