A Thai Cat

Above is a photo that I shot two weeks ago. Both, the cat and I were surprised when we met each other on a small sandy garden alley. This was on my way out of the garden area but I experienced with photography that the best things can happen on your way back, which is why I suggest to not put your camera into the bag too early (and I think I should follow that suggested more often too). Anyway, in this case I had my camera still in my hands and I got rewarded with a nice photo of … Continue reading A Thai Cat

Cute Bunny With Blue Eyes

As I didn’t do a lot of things with my camera outside over the recent time, I looked through my photo library to see if I find something interesting. I found this photo of a cute bunny, it’s the pet of someone in the family. I do generally like these animals, but this bunny does have blue eyes, that makes it even more cute. I think I uploaded already some photos of the same bunny, but here is one cropped version where you see the eyes better… Continue reading Cute Bunny With Blue Eyes

A Horse With Blue Eyes

I noticed that I don’t really have a lot of horse photos on my blog. However, I did take quite a lot of horse photos, especially in Reinfeld. So, I have many horse photos on my hard disk, and I think I should start to upload some of them. I thought I start with this post, I found this photo in my folders and thought the horse is quite beautiful. I noticed the horse has blue eyes, that is quite cool! Continue reading A Horse With Blue Eyes

Bunny With Blue Eyes

Here is one of my older photos, I believe I shot this photo when I practiced after I got my first DSLR camera. The bunny with blue eyes is one of the family pets. It’s the pet of my stepbrother and he did let the bunny play in the garden for some hours. It’s funny how much pets we have in our family, I guess you could also call it the family zoo. The perspective and angle of the photo is strange, but for some reason it makes it look special or different. Continue reading Bunny With Blue Eyes

Bunny With Blue Eyes

My half-brother is here on a visit and I mentioned it anywhere else, he has all kind of small animals like mice, bunnies and so. This time he didn’t come for a visit without his bunnies. He did let them run in our garden, I thought this would be crazy even if the garden is fenced, but he said he would do that at home in his garden too. However, I had my camera with me and shot all kind of photos. As always I have stored them in my folders and will upload them over time as I prefer … Continue reading Bunny With Blue Eyes

Sleepless Night Photoshop Session

Above you can see another new image of Shyna that I edited heavily with Photoshop as the original image was not that good. But I think I like what I made out of it. I really like that artistic or surreal approach because I have enough normal photos of my cat, and I thought why not creating some crazy stuff again. It´s also Photoshop exercise and good for improving. The original had such a bad quality that I decided to delete it afterwards. But I do like the edited image anyhow. It´s definitely an image that I wanted to store … Continue reading Sleepless Night Photoshop Session