A Thai Cat

thai cat

Above is a photo that I shot two weeks ago. Both, the cat and I were surprised when we met each other on a small sandy garden alley. This was on my way out of the garden area but I experienced with photography that the best things can happen on your way back, which is why I suggest to not put your camera into the bag too early (and I think I should follow that suggested more often too). Anyway, in this case I had my camera still in my hands and I got rewarded with a nice photo of a thai cat! There is an apartment block nearby, which means it is more than likely that this is an outdoor cat with an owner. Could still be a stray cat as they all are well-fed in the garden area, but I personally believe it belongs to someone in the apartment block.


5 thoughts on “A Thai Cat

    1. So far all stray cats looked quite healthy in that garden area. Especially well-fed. Some plot renters told me they feed the stray cats. But I still think this thai cat isn’t a stray because of the apartment block nearby and the fur looks too clean.

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