Mission Gibson Les Paul

No, the guitar in the photo above is not a Gibson Les Paul, I just needed a related photo because I wanted to talk about guitars. It’s actually my Guild Bluesbird, and I absolutely love that guitar as all my others. But the thing is, I don’t think my collection is complete unless I get myself a Gibson Les Paul in the future. It’s not exactly that it would improve my life, I am already very well set with guitars, but it’s basically a prestige project because I’d like to play with some of the most iconic guitars. Apart from … Continue reading Mission Gibson Les Paul

The Guitar Store Problem

I am in the market for a new e-guitar since I am tired of my own. My guitar did a good service for that price but there are definitely much better guitars out there. When I wanted to play a great guitar, I borrowed the Fender 70`s American Standard Stratocaster of my grandpa and I really loved it. Sadly my grandpa had to sell this guitar so that this is no option anymore. Back then I played different Strats (as people call them too) in music stores, I developed a love for Strats with vintage pickups or vintage hardware in … Continue reading The Guitar Store Problem