Unboxing a new Guitar

I did it, I purchased a western guitar. As the first attempt was a bit strange, I tried a second store today and found a nice western guitar at my budget. I am posting more photos later and I will also drop some words because the story is a bit ironic. I basically went home with one of the brands I didn’t like as much in the other store but today I found one in another store that I liked a lot. But again, more about this later or tomorrow.

Maybe one last bit… I actually didn’t expect anymore that I would find one at my budget. I borrowed my mother’s bicycle to cycle to the music store. I really just wanted to take a look, that’s why I haven’t thought about how I will get home with a bicycle and a cardboard box containing a guitar. The salesperson packed the guitar into the box and I said “Hmm, I have no clue how I can transport it because I am here with a bicycle”. He laughed and was thinking for a moment and replied “Hey, I am going to make a handle for you!”. He basically used the packing tape to create the handle as you can see in one of the pictures. Pretty creative! It worked, I had a nice ride, having one hand on the bicycle handlebars and I carried the box with the other hand.


8 thoughts on “Unboxing a new Guitar

    1. It’s basically an acoustic guitar but with steel strings. Very popular in pop music of folk and country music. It’s different to classical guitar, which would have nylon strings. 🙂

      Maybe you know western guitars under the name dreadnought guitars or just acoustic guitars.

      1. Just the Acoustic word or name. I do not play guitar, tried it long ago and would love to play Bass. Somehow, Nylon strings seem foreign to a guitar, steel seems best suited.

        1. The biggest two different kinds of guitars are basically acoustic guitars and electric guitars…. electric guitars do produce the sound via magnet pickups, which is why people play them with amplifiers. You barely hear the strings of an electric guitar without an amplifier, which is why electric guitars are also nice for practicing at home with headphones.

          Acoustic guitars make noise even without an amplifier because of the soundhole. They are the guitars you can take outside without any further gadgets. Just the guitar and you. On stage, those guitars are however often “mic’ed up”… means, they’ve recorded with a microphone.

          It’s getting more confusing for someone who doesn’t play guitar if the different kinds of acoustic guitars is talked about. Like the ones I mentioned, classical guitars or western guitars. The nylon string classical guitars are cool too… but as the name implies, it’s better suited for classical music but also cool for Spanish flamenco and stuff like that.

          But at least the difference between electric guitar and acoustic guitars, are easy to remember as they have a hint in the name. One makes sound via acoustic properties (the strings resonate and the sound is enhanced through the soundhole and wood) and the other via electric (through magnetic pickups that can only be heard if the guitar is plugged into an amplifier). So, it’s basically like an old typewriter vs modern computer keyboard 🙂

          Talking about bass… I suggested in an older reply on another post to you that you pick the bass hobby. I personally believe it’s never too late to start with music. Music is not just something about how good you’re at it… you will improve with time anyway. To me, it also has other meanings… I can spend worthy time with instruments when I am bored… I can make me happy again when I am sad. I can forget things with it. But I can also become happier with it when I already on a relaxed mood level. You probably know the same from photography 🙂 So, yeah… maybe you would enjoy bass too!

    1. I probably didn’t get the idea to record because I saw how the salesperson packed it. So, the opening was no real surprise to me 😀 It was the exact same guitar I played in the store.

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