Kitty in the Box

Like always, I did let my cat use the cardboard box of my online delivery. But it seems like she got bored of it after three days. I then used duct tape to seal the box and cut a smaller hole in it. Immediately, she became interested again. I can place the cardboard box differently, for varied fun. In the photo at the top, I placed the box upright and as you can see, she went in there and looked out of the hole. I shot a whole set of photos of her today while we played with the box. … Continue reading Kitty in the Box

Cardboard Boxes Are Great

It’s certain, cats love cardboard boxes and Shyna isn’t different. That’s why it’s not her first photo with a cardboard box on my blog. When I get a delivery, I always let my cat play a bit with the cardboard box for some days. I think cats like it that we live in a time of online shopping because that’s why there is never a shortage of cardboard boxes. Continue reading Cardboard Boxes Are Great

Relax Like A Pro

My fault, I placed this carton in the basked of Shyna, and she likes it now. Ok, that is dramatized, in fact she liked the carton from the beginning after I unwrapped something I bought online. Sometimes it makes me laugh, cats can relax everywhere, even in a small carton. I forgot about the cardboard box after dropping it there for Shyna. Anyway, I think it’s time to take it out of her basket, she did a good job of scratching the box. Time to order something new online so that she gets a new cardboard box after unwrapping. If … Continue reading Relax Like A Pro

Cat In The Box

As I mentioned already, my cat Shyna loves cardboard boxes, however, I don’t think that there is any cat that doesn’t. I shot the snapshot above the day when I uploaded the photo of the other post that I linked here. The photo above was very overexposed with too much highlights and it was hard to fix it so that I decided to make it a little bit black and white, because this is one way to hide the problem. But that didn’t work out well too. That means, I still don’t like the image quality but I like the … Continue reading Cat In The Box

Cat at work…

I had a big purchase some weeks ago and the products were delivered in a big cardboard box. Whenever there is a cardboard box, it won’t take much time and Shyna will be on the scene. But I think all cats like cardboard boxes. I formed a habit to leave new cardboard boxes to my cat for a while because it serves some purposes at once,… she can scratch on it, she can relax in it, she can play with it, she can hide in it and so on. I think they really love it. Not sure if I ever … Continue reading Cat at work…