Cat In The Box

Cat In The Box

As I mentioned already, my cat Shyna loves cardboard boxes, however, I don’t think that there is any cat that doesn’t.

I shot the snapshot above the day when I uploaded the photo of the other post that I linked here. The photo above was very overexposed with too much highlights and it was hard to fix it so that I decided to make it a little bit black and white, because this is one way to hide the problem. But that didn’t work out well too.

That means, I still don’t like the image quality but I like the pose of my cat, which is why I upload the snapshot anyway.

4 thoughts on “Cat In The Box

    1. True but it’s still sad that the sun was shining directly on her white fur. This is causing heavy highlights. But as a snapshot it is still cool. She saw a bird near the windows, which is why she looks so curious out of her cardboard box 😀 It’s basically cat cinema near the windows. 😀 Good that I have a photo of that moment.

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