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Beautiful Water Drop On A Leaf

Water Drop On A Leaf

My mother shot the image above and I do think that this is a very beautiful scene. I love water drops and they look so great if they are on a leaf. I love how the reflection and transparency of water interacts with a green leaf. I told my mother that this is a stunning image. She shot it with her phone and it still looks so good. What do you think? Here is another image of the same scene…

Leaf And Water Drop


  1. Beautiful photos indeed. The drop of water in the first image reminds me of a ‘sand dollar’ – the skeleton of a marine echinoid that is found dried up on beaches… amazing how nature repeats shapes, with some variances, but recognizable one against the other.

    The story of the sand dollars and images are here :

    • That is very interesting Vera and I agree, nature repeats shapes often. I just recently saw some videos about the Fibonacci spiral that appears often in the nature. There are some lovely animations on YouTube:
      That is one sequence that we can find often in the nature. 🙂 There are so many beautiful shapes in the nature and I also often look on similarities as you do.

    • Agree, I’m really happy that my mother noticed the water drop in her garden. When she did send the image to me I just thought “Wow, this is beautiful”. I love water reflections and transparency so much.

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