Relax Like A Pro

My fault, I placed this carton in the basked of Shyna, and she likes it now. Ok, that is dramatized, in fact she liked the carton from the beginning after I unwrapped something I bought online. Sometimes it makes me laugh, cats can relax everywhere, even in a small carton.

I forgot about the cardboard box after dropping it there for Shyna. Anyway, I think it’s time to take it out of her basket, she did a good job of scratching the box. Time to order something new online so that she gets a new cardboard box after unwrapping.

If I get something delivered, she can’t wait to check out the cardboard box. She likes both, big and small boxes. Hence, I do even have tags on my blog for cardboard box related posts, that’s funny.

2 thoughts on “Relax Like A Pro

    1. Sure I could 😀 But I meant that I order stuff regularly online anyway, at least once a month. That means she will get a new box anyway. There is always supply for her 😀

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