Small Update About The Chickens And A Snapshot

As I mentioned some time ago, the husband of my mother constructed a henhouse in the garden and he does now rent neighboring garden parcel as well in addition to our own parcel. So, a half of the second parcel is set up for the chickens as outdoor enclosure, the other half will be used for something else.

He wanted to have Sussex chicken, basically just because someone offered Sussex chickens for cheap but this offer doesn’t count anymore, the chickens were either too young or too old, that’s what I heard some weeks ago when I remember right. Then he thought to buy Sussex chickens somewhere else but he eventually decided to get cheaper chickens, I am not sure what kind of breed they are, they are common laying hens I think.

Now the update, because they bought them today. The husband of my mother got six of these chickens and they brought them to the garden. They are now in the henhouse for a while and my mother and her husband leaved the garden so that the chickens can get used to the new environment, they are probably stressed enough although my mother said they were silent during the car journey. Now they are alone in the garden and can get used to the new home.

My mother took a snapshot with her phone, you can find the photo below. I thought they look as if they would have a disease, but my mother replied it’s just moulting due to spring time, they do now replace the old feathers by shedding while producing new feathers. I am new to this, although these are not my chickens, I will learn about the subject over time too I think. My mother did already read a lot over the last weeks. But now the first snapshot…

Our new chickens

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