Small Update About The Chickens And A Snapshot

As I mentioned some time ago, the husband of my mother constructed a henhouse in the garden and he does now rent neighboring garden parcel as well in addition to our own parcel. So, a half of the second parcel is set up for the chickens as outdoor enclosure, the other half will be used for something else. He wanted to have Sussex chicken, basically just because someone offered Sussex chickens for cheap but this offer doesn’t count anymore, the chickens were either too young or too old, that’s what I heard some weeks ago when I remember right. Then … Continue reading Small Update About The Chickens And A Snapshot

The Henhouse

This post here will be less about photography. I show you some snapshots of a henhouse. I tell you something that will be fun! We get chickens very soon! We get them probably by the end of the week. These will be Sussex chickens. The husband of my mother wants to hold them in the garden and he did already build a henhouse… He also got the neighbouring garden lot now. The lot fully burned down a long time ago and the owner didn’t need it anymore, there was not much left other than destruction. But the husband of my … Continue reading The Henhouse