The Henhouse

This post here will be less about photography. I show you some snapshots of a henhouse. I tell you something that will be fun! We get chickens very soon! We get them probably by the end of the week. These will be Sussex chickens. The husband of my mother wants to hold them in the garden and he did already build a henhouse…

He also got the neighbouring garden lot now. The lot fully burned down a long time ago and the owner didn’t need it anymore, there was not much left other than destruction. But the husband of my mother did clean the mess up and he enclosed the lot and will use it for the chickens. The henhouse is built on our intact and beautiful garden, but the henhouse will be connected to the cleaned up new lot.

This is not only fun because I can take lots of chicken photos, it is also fun because we will have a lot of eggs then. I love to eat eggs. But it’s also fun as I like animals anyway, and this will probably be a cool experience to watch the chickens.

I took already several photos of chickens, but these are not ours, because there is another garden owner with chickens. I will upload these photos soon too. But it’s even more amazing that I can take photos of our own chickens very soon.

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