My Cat Loves Soft And Relaxing Music

If you wonder why I took a photo of my cat beside headphones, there is a simple and funny explanation. Believe it or not, my cat loves music, but only relaxing and soft music. I discovered this a while back when I did throw my headphones on my couch as I had to answer a phone call, and meanwhile my cat jumped on the couch to listen to the piano music that came from the headphones. At first I thought it would just be cat’s curiosity, but she did rub her nose and fur on the headphones, similar to when … Continue reading My Cat Loves Soft And Relaxing Music

About Cat Behaviour, The Creative Cat

Above you can see a random snapshot that I took a while ago when Shyna was curious about my guitar. What I like about cats is that they are not stupid but rather creative. With creative I mean that they know their can openers very well. Nope, my cat is not that creative that she would start to play guitar, but she is creative enough to know how to get my attention. Every now and then, for example when I didn’t gave her enough attention one day, she did walk to the guitar and pulled a string with her claws. … Continue reading About Cat Behaviour, The Creative Cat

Cat at work…

I had a big purchase some weeks ago and the products were delivered in a big cardboard box. Whenever there is a cardboard box, it won’t take much time and Shyna will be on the scene. But I think all cats like cardboard boxes. I formed a habit to leave new cardboard boxes to my cat for a while because it serves some purposes at once,… she can scratch on it, she can relax in it, she can play with it, she can hide in it and so on. I think they really love it. Not sure if I ever … Continue reading Cat at work…

Some Minutes of Cat Training

I always wanted to create this video but I dislike video editing or I don´t enjoy it as much as I love to play with other graphic tools. Anyway, I´ve done it now. I mentioned several times that I do practice tricks with my cat and that she is kinda talented but I just have shown you images but not videos. I always wanted to record one of our training sessions. Now I did that and you can see some minutes of our training unit in the following video… In this training session we did practice “sit”, “give me paw”, … Continue reading Some Minutes of Cat Training