About Cat Behaviour, The Creative Cat

cat and guitar

Above you can see a random snapshot that I took a while ago when Shyna was curious about my guitar. What I like about cats is that they are not stupid but rather creative. With creative I mean that they know their can openers very well. Nope, my cat is not that creative that she would start to play guitar, but she is creative enough to know how to get my attention.

Every now and then, for example when I didn’t gave her enough attention one day, she did walk to the guitar and pulled a string with her claws. Seriously, when this happened the first time I thought “What the… why do I hear a guitar string buzzing?” and noticed the cat near the guitar. That is the creativity of cats, because she learned that the guitar is something very important in my life and that she can get attention by pulling on a guitar string with the claws.

This applies to many other situations and not only to the guitar. I just told the guitar string story because it fits well with the photo I showed you and because she really does pull a string at times to get me attentive. But the message is that I am totally amazed how creative cats can become when they want your attention. If a cat wants attention, you will pay attention, they simply know ways to make you smile.

It’s not only that we cat lovers like to study cat behaviour, it’s also the other way around because they study us very well too but the subject is called different, it’s called human behaviour.

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