Attentive Cat

Time for a Shyna photo again. I’d say, this time it’s a portrait of her. We shot that photo when I had her on a leash outside on a terrace. As a house cat, she was quite confused with all those strange sounds in this alien world outside. I say alien world, because she was really not used to it. It was quite funny but I wrote about that already too many times back then. Anyway, I liked the photos we shot because due to the fact that she was very attentive or that she tried to understand the new … Continue reading Attentive Cat

I’m Watching You

Here is yet again a photo of my cat Shyna, because there are not enough photos of her on my blog, and of course I’m kidding. The photo is not of greatest quality, but I like the scene a lot. My cat has always an eye on me, she takes care about me. Because I know that, I thought I would take a look behind one of my curtains, but the fur monster did already expect that. I had to laugh when a friend once said he would feel like being observed, while my cat sat in the corner and … Continue reading I’m Watching You

Hidden Fur Monster

If looks could kill, maybe I would sell my cat, but I am glad that I don’t have to. My fur monster Shyna looks pretty funny in the photo of this post, I really had to laugh about the photo. When I shot the photo, she was pretty attentive with her wide opened eyes, and I believe it was because the terrace door was used several times by family members. I think this is one of the photos that screams for a caption, it would maybe make a great meme with the right caption. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Hidden Fur Monster

When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

Yes, you did read the headline right, this post will be about door sounds, it’s that funny. I live in an apartment complex and that is something that makes me seriously believe that we humans are “individual animals” rather than “group animals”. Because I would much prefer to live alone without sharing a staircase with neighbors. I get along with most of my neighbors but sometimes there are new ones that don’t fit into the place, that is the problem with an apartment complex. It seems we have one or two neighbors that do regularly give the other tenants advise … Continue reading When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

About Cat Behaviour, The Creative Cat

Above you can see a random snapshot that I took a while ago when Shyna was curious about my guitar. What I like about cats is that they are not stupid but rather creative. With creative I mean that they know their can openers very well. Nope, my cat is not that creative that she would start to play guitar, but she is creative enough to know how to get my attention. Every now and then, for example when I didn’t gave her enough attention one day, she did walk to the guitar and pulled a string with her claws. … Continue reading About Cat Behaviour, The Creative Cat

Shyna And Me… Freshly Pressed

It was a little bit more silent on my blog over the days. There were some bad and good news that kept me busy but today I only want to talk about the good news. The good news is related to my blog. I have a new photo of my cat for you that you can see above! Ok wait, that happens regularly (laughing). There is something else. One of my posts got a lot of attention as it got featured on the front page of WordPress, or Freshly Pressed as it is called here. I researched some funny cat … Continue reading Shyna And Me… Freshly Pressed