Shyna And Me… Freshly Pressed

Shyna And Paper

It was a little bit more silent on my blog over the days. There were some bad and good news that kept me busy but today I only want to talk about the good news. The good news is related to my blog. I have a new photo of my cat for you that you can see above! Ok wait, that happens regularly (laughing). There is something else. One of my posts got a lot of attention as it got featured on the front page of WordPress, or Freshly Pressed as it is called here. I researched some funny cat quotes, created a list of my favorite quotes and published it at the beginning of the month together with a photo of my cat Shyna. Last weekend it surprisingly happened, the post got hit by a wave of attention and that kept me busy for some days.

Even if my blog got already a lot of traffic over the past anyway (mainly Google visitors), I was quite happy when I found out that one of my posts got featured. There are also some major differences between traffic that comes through Google and the traffic that comes from the Freshly Pressed section here. If your blog is somewhat established on Google, the numbers will be pretty stable but this doesn´t mean that every visitor will drop a comment. With the Freshly Pressed section it is the other way around as the additional traffic spike period just lasts as long as your article is on the front page but the key difference is that the visitors are bloggers and social media enthusiasts who use the whole tool set that is available to us. That means they commented, shared and liked until my provider and email client worked hard to deliver all the email notifications.

That was clearly a fun experience but also a lot of work. But I would lie if I would say that I didn´t enjoy it. I think most of us share our ideas and thoughts because it´s an activity we started to enjoy. Most longtime bloggers probably did enjoy it in both cases, with zero attention at the beginning and with increasing attention over time. I think this is the right approach because if you like already the activity alone, some extra attention will just round it up. I am very thankful that this happened. I am not only thankful that WordPress featured one of my posts, I do also want to thank those who came here to take a look on my blog, and I want to thank those who already supported and socialized with me since some time.

It´s exciting what our technology makes possible and I am really glad that I can meet so many interesting people even if they are far away. While it is sometimes hard to maintain a balance (spending time on the own blog to create content and spending time on other blogs to read there), especially if you follow several blogs, I found already a lot of interesting stories and media that I enjoyed pretty much. So, I don´t only thank those who came here, I do also thank those who entertained me with their stories, photos and other content. That all makes me want to stay and be a part of the community for a long time.

Talking about the luck again that one of my posts got featured for a moment, I think the comment frequency seems to decrease now back to normal. If you are regular visitor, you know what you can expect next. If you are new follower then be prepared, there is no other way to explain what you can expect, it´s higgledy-piggledy. If I am highly inspired it could be a roller coaster ride through all kind of subjects that I find interesting or even things that annoy me. But it could also happen that you see photos of my cat for weeks but that is her fault (laughing).

I think this introduction fits very well. But it is also a good point to end my article here.


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