Lykoi Breeders Criticised By Some People

I reported already earlier about the Lykoi cats. I did introduce the Lykoi cats and the breeders and I talked about the big chance that the Lykoi cats might become very popular. But as I mentioned in this article, I am not the only one who reported about the Lykoi kitties and I mentioned that they recently got a lot of media attention. They were features on Yahoo Shine to name just one example. As I think it is an interesting subject, I didnĀ“t only read most of the articles about the Lykoi cats, I also did read many comments … Continue reading Lykoi Breeders Criticised By Some People

Werewolf Cat, A New Breed Of Cats Called Lykoi

Have you ever heard about Lykoi cats? I stumbled over this name and the cats today while browsing through the internet. This seems to be a new breed of cats and they are not only called Lykoi but sometimes also Werewolf Cat as Lykoi is Greek and means Wolf but more about this later. Now you must think that I am kidding here, but I am not. This is no joke, this is really something I found while browsing the web. Maybe you found photos or videos of these cats too and you thought that would be again some kind … Continue reading Werewolf Cat, A New Breed Of Cats Called Lykoi

How can I get a cat?

Very important prologue… Some people ask “How can I get a cat” and I thought I do write about the topic and what the possibilities are. First of all I really really suggest you to read about cats before you think about getting a cat. I say this because the animal shelter are often full of animals which were set out forsaken anywhere. I do not want to say that you would do the same but please read anyway because a cat is not only fun, a cat is also demanding. I just do mention this because it is a … Continue reading How can I get a cat?