Kitty shows the Meerkat

Shyna really can make me laugh sometimes. The photo above was a photo by chance. I saw her on top of the couch and she was looking for a fly which flew not in range above her. I took my smart phone and took a photo but at the same time she started to do the meerkat and did stand up as she wanted to catch the fly. The trigger of my smart phone is slow but it was the right moment for the shot. I had to laugh and thought it is another great image to create a lolcat … Continue reading Kitty shows the Meerkat

I don´t have nightmares, I create them!

I was a little bit bored today and sometimes if you are bored, then it might be a good idea to go through own photo material or photoshop project´s and so. And it was a good idea because I found one lolcat meme which I thought needs a little improvement. I disliked the clearly visible reflection on the eye of my cat. I also thought that it would be funny to change the eye color with a more aggressive green colour value. I am not a photoshop professional but removing a reflection with the stamp tool or changing the colour … Continue reading I don´t have nightmares, I create them!

Never Mess Around With Me. I´m a Lolcat!

The son of my mother´s husband did send me a pretty good photo of his cat. The overall quality of the image was not that great but I changed the image to black and white with Photoshop because I know that this effect can improve the quality of slighty overexposed photos. I also added a little bit more contrast and also made some gamma corrections. I think the photo is now a little bit more respectable. He caught his own cat in the right moment. His cat gave a yawn and looks like he took the photo in the right … Continue reading Never Mess Around With Me. I´m a Lolcat!

I watch you…

This is my cat Shyna. I can´t stop making photos of her because she is so beautiful. We made the photo above yesterday. I had to laugh because it really looks like she would like to say “I watch what you!” or “I watch what you are doing!”. I thought I create a meme with the photo. There are still some other photos which I will upload soon. Do you know a better text for the meme? Or does my text fit to the photo? Here is by the way another version of the image. You can also find more … Continue reading I watch you…