Highland Cattle

Here is a photo that I shot a long time ago with a potato phone camera. I am no expert with cattle but I think the animals in the photo are Galloway Cattle. You won’t see them often here where I live. That’s probably why I wanted to take a snapshot back then. They look pretty funny, almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars, hehe. Edit: Vanda told me in the comments that she knows them as “Highland Cattle”. So, I looked at some pictures with Google Image Search and I think she is right. I might have been wrong and … Continue reading Highland Cattle

Golden Hour Cattle

In this post you can see a photo of cattle that I shot during the golden hour. I do really like this animal portrait, because the golden hour colours are cool and I do like the glowing ears and the fur detail. It’s one of those shots that I took out of boredom to take a photo at all, but at home I was surprised how good the photo looked. There was just minimal editing because the original image was already quite good, I just pushed the shadows, clarity and the contrast a bit and decreased the blacks. Check out … Continue reading Golden Hour Cattle