Highland Cattle

Galloway Cattle

Here is a photo that I shot a long time ago with a potato phone camera. I am no expert with cattle but I think the animals in the photo are Galloway Cattle. You won’t see them often here where I live. That’s probably why I wanted to take a snapshot back then. They look pretty funny, almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars, hehe.

Edit: Vanda told me in the comments that she knows them as “Highland Cattle”. So, I looked at some pictures with Google Image Search and I think she is right. I might have been wrong and it’s probably not Galloway Cattle.


2 thoughts on “Highland Cattle

  1. This sent me off to do some quick reading. I know these cattle as “Highland Cattle” and had not heard them referred to as Galloways before so I went to look them up. They do look similar although the Galloways in the photos I saw don’t all have the long horns. I think they may have been bred in different parts of Scotland but I really need to spend more time researching the subject.
    We do have a few around here. I have seen them occasionally though not to photograph. I would like to do that sometime.

    1. I think you are right. I searched for Highland Cattle photos via Google Image Search and they look the same as the one in my photo. The Galloways look indeed a bit different as you said. I made some changes to the post.

      I think I saw them maybe two times here. They’re rare here.

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