Highland Cattle

Here is a photo that I shot a long time ago with a potato phone camera. I am no expert with cattle but I think the animals in the photo are Galloway Cattle. You won’t see them often here where I live. That’s probably why I wanted to take a snapshot back then. They look pretty funny, almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars, hehe. Edit: Vanda told me in the comments that she knows them as “Highland Cattle”. So, I looked at some pictures with Google Image Search and I think she is right. I might have been wrong and … Continue reading Highland Cattle

Jumping Squirrel

Saw two squirrels today and one of them jumped from one branch to another. I took a snapshot but it was very blurry and not a good photo. Unsharp photos look better when converted to black and white, because blurriness is then less apparent. So, that’s why I converted the image to black and white. It’s not the best photo but it’s the first time I was able to take a photo of a squirrel in action… Continue reading Jumping Squirrel

Funny Dude

Today I looked through my older photos again, those that I shot with a point-and-shoot camera back then. Then I found the picture above. The sky was completely overexposed and I was unable to fix that so that I decided to go black and white right away. The photo was shot in 2011, we found some young camels (I guess) on a field and we took several pictures. They look pretty funny and they weren’t shy. Continue reading Funny Dude