Funny Dude

Today I looked through my older photos again, those that I shot with a point-and-shoot camera back then. Then I found the picture above. The sky was completely overexposed and I was unable to fix that so that I decided to go black and white right away. The photo was shot in 2011, we found some young camels (I guess) on a field and we took several pictures. They look pretty funny and they weren’t shy.

6 thoughts on “Funny Dude

  1. Camels are strange creatures with very interesting personalities. When they aren’t mistreated, they get along very well with people, but if they are in a bad mood, or are wild, or angry, they can (and do) kill you easy as pie. When they rise up on their hind legs. they come down on your chest with front legs and basically crush you. Wild camels can be really dangerous, especially to kids who don’t realize the difference between wild and tame. You probably don’t bump into a lot of wild camels up your way 😀

    1. I can imagine that. Altthought a different animal, but I remember stories of tame horses crushing bones of the owners. Once in a while you hear that in the news. If you get a kick from a horse, it probably won’t end well either. These animals are strong.

      Nope, I don’t bump into wild camels here, and actually I didn’t even expect to bump into tame ones either 😀 You don’t see them in Germany every day unless you go to the zoo 😀 We were quite surprised to find some on a field.

  2. Llamas spit, as do camels, if annoyed, or just feeling like it. We had a llama farm near here that I used to visit, they were friendly, but I took great care to stay out of spitting distance. Fascinating to watch them, though.

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