Here is a photo of my cat Shyna. She looks a bit cheeky on the photo, but in reality my camera was just set to faster shutter speed. She was drinking water, and with the fast shutter speed I could freeze the moment where she showed the tongue. However, I didn’t like the photo in colour since it somehow had a bit too much orange in it, which means I didn’t like the illumination in my room. That’s why I converted the image to black and white. Continue reading Cheeky

This Is The Dog You Don’t Want To Meet

Ok, let me be honest, the title of this post is almost click bait, obviously I am still alive, but I thought the title would be funny. Anyway, the title still fits somehow, because this dog really didn’t like me. There is a fence in the photo, and there is this path I take when I want to get back into the town after I walked through the nature over fields and through small forests, however, this dog didn’t want me to get back into the town. The dog started to bark when I approached the street, then it almost … Continue reading This Is The Dog You Don’t Want To Meet