This Is The Dog You Don’t Want To Meet

Black And White Dog

Ok, let me be honest, the title of this post is almost click bait, obviously I am still alive, but I thought the title would be funny. Anyway, the title still fits somehow, because this dog really didn’t like me. There is a fence in the photo, and there is this path I take when I want to get back into the town after I walked through the nature over fields and through small forests, however, this dog didn’t want me to get back into the town. The dog started to bark when I approached the street, then it almost looked as if the dog wanted to attack me, but then I yelled too and the dog was surprised and now quiet. It seemed as if the dog did protect the path, the dumpster, the street, the house where it came from, or all of it. I mean in some way this was cute, but you never know, also cute dogs can bite.

I am happy that this beautiful dog didn’t want to get into trouble with me, because what would you do if a dog would attack you? As much as I love animals, in the worst case, a dog attack, I would even kick away the cutest dog before he would reach me, because I wouldn’t like to have a wound in my leg to be honest. But I saw, this dog was just a bit cheeky, at the end I thought the dog would not be dangerous but cute. I see a much bigger problem with the dogs behaviour, or at least with the fact that the owner lets him out without a leash so that he tries to protect the path close to his home, because if a person with a dog would go along this way, the both dogs could get into a fight. Anyway, the dog is beautiful, but I think the owner should take care that his dog doesn’t get into a fight with another dog. Below is another photo of this beautiful dog, both photos in this post were shot after the dog calmed down.

Beautiful Black And White Dog

8 thoughts on “This Is The Dog You Don’t Want To Meet

  1. You are right Dennis. It is a nice dog but he should not be on the footpath. He is just protecting what he sees as his territory but he could get into a fight with another dog, he might attack someone, perhaps a child who does not know how to act with dogs, he could get run over. The owner is doing the wrong thing in allowing the dog outside their property. This is the reason why I have a big fence around my back garden, so that Cindy can’t get out. I know she would not hurt anyone but a stranger doesn’t know that and dogs running on the road are a hazard both for themselves and the traffic.

    1. Exactly, it’s not the fault of the dog, protecting his territory is normal behaviour, it’s rather the fault of the owner to let him go out of the property. You made another good point, kids… they do like to run, and the dog could get into hunting mood if a kid runs along that path and bite the kid. I do agree, if you let a dog out alone, they are almost stray dogs and a hazard for themselve and the traffic.

  2. Dogs that I don’t know (I mean I haven’t met before) always make me afraid. Because I don’t have any idea what he/she can do… Especially they are not looking friendly to the camera, I mean some of them don’t like camera. Once a dog attacked me, while I was taking pictures… Luckily there were people and stopped the dog. I am glad your event had a happy end… Seems so cute as you mentioned. Thank you dear Dennis, Love, nia

    1. That’s sad that a dog attacked you but good that people helped you. This is one of my fears too, because I noticed that some dogs do indeed not like the sound of the cammera shutter, or the fact that you point a camera to them, however, since I own the 300mm lens, it’s much less of a problem as I have safe distance if I want to take pictures of other dogs.

  3. Dogs will naturally protect what they think is their territory, which is why my dogs are behind fences. I’m betting this dog was a yard escapee. Probably would not have attacked you (not in attack mode, at least in that picture), but he’s big enough to do some damage so I can imagine he made you edgy. I love dogs, but I also respect them and am careful around canines who don’t know me.

    1. The dog came from the property close to the street, the property was very open but nobody was there. When I went away, the dog went back into the garden of the property so that I thought they would let him run around in the garden and on the streets. This was a one way street, so that they maybe think they can let their dogs out. I do agree, they should have the dog behind fences, and create a more closed yard if they want to let the dog out, because there are beautiful ways to do this, you don’t need walls in the garden 🙂

  4. Nice post Dennis. I am from the UK but live in central Bangkok and this sort of thing is a daily occurrence for me. “Soi” dogs are absolutely everywhere, and many people are completely afraid of them. I mean, 25kg of muscle with sharp teeth barking right at you, who wouldn’t be alarmed? But what I’ve discovered is 99% of the time these dogs’ bark really is worse than their bite. Believe it or not, a dog living on the street is generally a well balanced dog (if he wasn’t he would simply not survive). And a well balanced dog will do anything to avoid a fight, he certainly doesn’t want to attack humans. The tone of a bark can tell you a lot, and usually he is just telling you he is here and that he’d rather you not approach. This territorial behaviour stems from the dog not having a stable pack leader. Most dogs are not naturally dominant, but when us humans fail to take that lead role, he is forced to do it himself. How interesting that when you yelled he quietened down. That was you simply barking back at him, telling him you were in control. In human terms, the dog was probably thinking “Thank Goodness!!” for those few moments where you were the leader he was able to be his natural self – just a beautiful dog! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your interesting comment and for sharing your experience. I liked how you explained it and it makes a lot of sense. I find animal psychology very interesting. I mean, discovering why animals do or don’t do certain things. We have a lot of dogs in the family, but I myself have a cat and it’s really interesting to see how different they are, but I like all of them. It’s so interesting to learn about animals behaviour 🙂

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