Our Garden Chicken

As I mentioned often, my mother and her husband have chickens in the garden and they are quite funny and good suppliers of bio eggs. I thought I upload a photo again of one of the chickens. I have way too many photos of them, and I really need to upload them over time too. Believe it or not, I think chickens are cute too, I like them so much because they follow me everywhere when I visit the garden. They are very trusting and social. Continue reading Our Garden Chicken

One Chicken of Many Chickens

The family came together today for a barbecue. The weather was perfect, we met each other in my mother’s garden. It was a great day, especially for my uncle, who seemed to enjoy it a lot. I did take the chance to speak with everyone in the family, and meanwhile I also shot some photos of flowers and birds in the garden. It was also fun to see our small chicken farm again, and of course, I had to photograph one of our chickens. I do probably repeat myself if I say that they are funny, I guess I said … Continue reading One Chicken of Many Chickens

Cute Chicken

Above you see a photo that shows one of our chickens. Chickens are not the type of animals that are called cute very often, not so often like cats, dogs or other pets, but the more I saw our chickens, the more I thought they do actually look cute too. I like them so much because the sounds they make are funny and when I enter our chicken enclosure, they follow me with each step. I do also like the picture I shot, I hope you do like it too. Continue reading Cute Chicken