White Chicken

As I often said, my mother has chickens in her garden. I sometimes take photos of them. Above is a close-up shot of a white chicken that I took this summer. I somehow find chickens funny, when I am in the garden, they often follow me everywhere. But they are not completely free, they can’t roam around through the whole garden area. They have their special area, but it’s a fairly large lawn. If I am a chicken in my next life, I want to be in a similar garden, haha. Continue reading White Chicken

Baby Chicken

Above is a photo that I shot in our garden last summer. The husband of my mother has chickens, and they did breed. The result was a small gang of very cute baby chickens. I shot many photos that I didn’t edit yet but the photo in this post is a nice close up shot that I took with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I also edited the image a bit. I cropped the image, added a lens vignette effect so that your eyes are more focussed on the bird, and I played with the contrast values because the original had … Continue reading Baby Chicken

Chicken Close-Up

I mentioned already a few times that my mother and her husband hold several chickens in their garden. I like the chickens a lot, they are really funny and they have their own big lawn where they will follow you everywhere if they trust you. That’s not only funny and cute, they do also make great photo subjects. I usually photographed them fully but this time I tried to take a close-up photo. I hope you like the picture. Continue reading Chicken Close-Up