White Chicken

white chicken

As I often said, my mother has chickens in her garden. I sometimes take photos of them. Above is a close-up shot of a white chicken that I took this summer. I somehow find chickens funny, when I am in the garden, they often follow me everywhere. But they are not completely free, they can’t roam around through the whole garden area. They have their special area, but it’s a fairly large lawn. If I am a chicken in my next life, I want to be in a similar garden, haha.

11 thoughts on “White Chicken

  1. Chickens are noble birds in some regards and comedians in others.

    I once saw some framed water colors of chickens showing the “noble” side in a gallery. I asked the proprietoress how much they cost. She said “$150.”

    I thought that was a lot for two water colors of chickens (no matter how good!), but told her I really liked them and wanted them.

    Well, when she totaled them up on the cash register and told me it was $300 plus 7% sales tax, I cringed. Oops! $321 was a lot for something I thought was $150 .

    At the time, I really had to scrimp to come up with $150, so $321 pretty much screwed my budget for a couple months! On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed the water colors for the past 20+ years, even if they are just pictures of chickens. LOL!

        1. Just recently I started to spend more money in my life, because previously I was a grimly determined saver. I think I made a really big turn when my uncle died and he was still pretty young. This opened my eyes. Grandma said something like “You can save as much money as you want to, but by the end of your own life, it’s not of value for you anymore”. I still like to have a bit of security, but overall I am now spending more money on things I like, because now I agree with that. I think as long as we don’t have to file bankruptcy if we purchase things we like, things that bring us joy, it’s all good. Previously I lived the “Even if I want it, it’s in my opinion too expensive” type of life, and I often questioned any price, even items that did cost $100. Now I don’t care as much anymore, because the only thing that matters is if I can afford it and if I value it, if it brings me joy. This year I bought a couple of guitars for example and started to question my decision again, but then I told myself again that I won’t think about the price tag anymore in a year, but the guitar will be still there, and my piggy bank will be filled again too. If we like something, we should get it.

        2. I reached that point several years ago. With me, it was “I am denying myself things I can use or want when all it means is I leave enough money for others to buy a 4WD pickup or something I might have enjoyed and made use of in life. ” Of course, I don’t spent wantonly so I do have a comfortable retirement – I’ve investments and other income – but my Persian kitties are one fairly expensive indulgence when their food, veterinarian care, and other related expenses are considered. WoodPress, for example tops out at $300 a year since I post so many photos of the kitty boys! Their grooming costs have been as much as $600 a year, though I learned they can go longer between sessions at the groomers and will halve that this coming year. It’s worth it to me, but I’m leaving a lot less for others to spend after I die!

        3. You might want to look into image resizing. I think the $300 for WordPress could still be saved. I uploaded over 2000 images to my blog but I just used 3% of the free storage. I mostly resize to 1200px width JPG and most image are 50-300kb in size. Images on websites don’t have to be much bigger. It takes ages, probably many decades to fill up 3 GB of storage. Big plus is also that site loading speed is much faster then, and with that comes the better Google ranking since their algorythm does especially promote fast websites (just one factor of many, but it’s a factor).

          Apart from that I still agree. I think we need to enjoy life, because time is not endless.

        4. True. It’s a bit late for resizing. I probably should start a new blog and do it right the next time. I’ve not done it yet because I’d probably lose a lot of people in the process. I might have to do it anyway.

        5. Yeah, it’s problematic to solve this afterwards. Another alternative would be to create an index of your posts, and slowly work your way up by removing the big images and put resized ones into it. But yeah, sounds like a massive amount of work.

          Not sure if it’s worth it to lose your followers or split them up by creating a new blog. I myself wouldn’t like that. But I would definitely start to resize now, to not take up more webspace because it just can get more expensive, and comes with many more negative site effects.

        6. According to WordPress, I have 1957 posts. (The early ones aren’t numbered…) Of those, most have at least one photo, and, soince I hit the current plan, figure I might as well post all the photos I can cram into the posts because I sure as heck an=m paying for the space! Of course, you are right about how fast the blog comes up. Anyway, it’s something to consider, though it would be months of work, I think.

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