Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck

This is just another new photo of any street in the inner-city of Lübeck. I edited it a little bit with Android Pixlr-o-matic. The result is a little bit grungy. I do like the image anyhow. I am born in Lübeck and after a while I started to think that my city is pretty boring. But the more photos I take, the more I start to regain a passion for this city. This seems to be one interesting side-effect of the photography and does not only count for my city but also for nature and everything else around me, I … Continue reading Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This is my contribution to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up“, while I must admit that the husband of my mother took the photo, when he visited a friend who is living in an apartment tower. The quality of the photo is not so good but anyway I do like the image. What you can see on the image, is a small part of Lübeck´s skyline. There is one old freight depot on the right side of the bridge and I took a photo some time ago. You can´t see it but in the direction behind the bridge is the train … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

First Signs of Springtime 2013

My mother and me saw the first growing flowers of 2013 yesterday when we walked through downtown of Lübeck. Apart from the first sunbeams we enjoyed, this is a great sign too that Springtime is on the way. I think we have a lack of Vitamin D already and it is great to know that the weather warms up slowly. It was great to see those flowers because they are a sign. Sadly I can´t tell you the name of the flower since I am sadly not a botanist. But maybe you know the name? They are beautiful in the … Continue reading First Signs of Springtime 2013

Walking through Lübeck with my Mother…

Today my mother and me decided to wander through the town center of Lübeck. Most shops are usually closed on sunday but today was sunday opening. We visited several shops. But we went deeper and deeper into the city. We also did eat in the city. I wrote already often here on the blog that the historic downtown of Lübeck is very beautiful. On the photo above you can see the Trave River near the downtown of Lübeck. We noticed the first sunbeams in our face and were happy about it. It was still a little bit fresh but the … Continue reading Walking through Lübeck with my Mother…

Photo of Trave River around Historic Downtown of Lübeck and some Ships

Yesterday I went to historic Downtown of Lübeck for Shopping and thought to pick up my new and cheap Camera so that I can take some Photos. I did shot this Photo here on a Footbridge over the Trave River. I wanted to take a Photo of the beautiful Ships. The historic Downtown of Lübeck begins where you can see the Houses. But on the Photo you dont see much of the historic Downtown, which is the older Place of my City. You could see a lot of brick Gothic in the City. Maybe I take some more Photos of … Continue reading Photo of Trave River around Historic Downtown of Lübeck and some Ships