Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck


This is just another new photo of any street in the inner-city of Lübeck. I edited it a little bit with Android Pixlr-o-matic. The result is a little bit grungy. I do like the image anyhow.

I am born in Lübeck and after a while I started to think that my city is pretty boring. But the more photos I take, the more I start to regain a passion for this city. This seems to be one interesting side-effect of the photography and does not only count for my city but also for nature and everything else around me, I seemed to stop noticing.

2 thoughts on “Anywhere in the Inner-City of Lübeck

  1. There’s something dramatic in this photo Dennis. Makes me feel I am on the old movies and I just wanna feel the pavement 🙂 nice catch!

    1. Agree. The dark red tones and increased contrast and vignette effect makes it look more dramatic. I can see what you mean. Those effect apps are pretty cool. You can give an image really a complete different mood. The original image was not so interesting but the effects make it look like from a movie. Agree 🙂

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