Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Tuxedo Cat

The image above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable. It´s a photo of my cat Shyna and she is my companion. Looks like I took the photo in a funny moment when she did stretch herself.

I used my Sony Xperia P android smart phone and an app called “Fast Burst Camera Light” to take the photo. This app can do continues shots and the name burst camera hits the nail. However, I have to admit that the app does take preview photos like it happens when you capture videos. I do believe the app is just capturing a video and will save all the frames, which means the quality of the photos is not so good like you would expect.

I often do delete 80% of the images because they are blurred, But sometimes there are some fine photos and if you edit them a little bit, it can give you great results. The image above is one of these lucky shots.

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